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   Sonatas for piano n° 5, 13 and 14 and Variations on "La Molinara"

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For nearly two centuries, in all places, men never tire of listening to Beethoven. Each new recording is welcome, so great is the richness of his work. In these three sonatas ranging from 1796 to 1801, the originality and virtuosity of BEETHOVEN, which is then in full possession of his trade, are now uncommon. He broke up with the tradition of 18th century pianism: the sonata is not a rigid mold, but a living organism, constantly renewing.  He gives a dramatic and expressive weight again rainged agreements on the keyboard, dramatic opposition of the themes, conflictuals and stormy developments. The talent of Jean-Bernard HUPMANN affirmed both in the famous Beethoven adagios "con espressione" in the wild impetuosity of allegros that involve a great virtuosity.

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  Polonaise n° 1 - Valses 3, 7 and 9 - Scherzos n° 1 and 2 - Sonata n° 2 "Funeral March"

"We need to look good in our memory to find a pianist too late, too sensitive ... Jean-Bernard HUPMANN? A pianist needed. A talent to meet a joy to discover." (Paris Normandie) - "The audience listened religiously and found a pianist, surprising both power and delicacy." (Le Courrier Picard) 

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    Symphonie n° 6 "Pastorale"  Transcription pour piano de Franz LISZT

Arrangements and transcriptions hold an important place in the piano works of Liszt. In the transcripts, faithfulness and humility guide the pen of a musician, as Liszt told his friend the Swiss philologist Adolphe Pictet in a letter suggesting that the transcript was made of the Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz in 1833: " I carefully attached, as if it were the transcript of a sacred book, to carry on the piano, not only the musical structure of the symphony, but the effects of detail and variety of combinations and rhythmic harmonics "... After studying music at the Conservatoire Superieur de Musique de Paris and getting the most brilliant achievement awards, Jean-Bernard HUPMANN following advice from famous masters like Pierre SECHET, Lucette DESCAVES, Pierre BARBIZET, Bruno RIGUTTO and Gyorgy Cziffra , who appointed him winner of its founding in 1989. Very eclectic, it occurs both in recital with orchestra under the baton of conductors such as P. Strub, B. Rezucha, R. TCHAIKOSKY, sonatas or chamber ensemble. His concerts the lead in several countries in Europe, Asia and the United States, where critics unanimously praised his game records regularly for radio and television.

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