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"We need to look good in our memory to find a pianist as thin, sensitive [...]. Previously, the public had received three waltzes of Chopin as a heavenly gift, chiseled to perfection, both large, deep, ethereal, played on contrasting tempos deliberately [...]. Jean-Bernard HUPMANN? A pianist needed. A talent to meet a joy to discover. "(Paris Normandie, 19/07/92)

"HUPMANN shined his technique beaded his sensitive phrasing and virtuosity" (Narodna obroda, 07/03/94)

"The audience listened religiously and found a pianist, surprising both power and delicacy" (Le Courrier Picard, 19/04/94)

"This concerto has been proposed by a pianist with strong technical and excellent game without the constraint of a great master." (Kosicky Vecer, 16/02/94)

"The virtuosity of Jean-Bernard HUPMANN [...] began during the evening, his sensitivity and his talent to a dozen works of Polish composer [Chopin], which is a leading expert. (La Voix du Nord, 09/02/99)

"Great Execution of the Sonata No. 13" Quasi una fantasia "Opus 27 No. 1 and Sonata No. 14 Opus 27 No. 2" Moonlight. "Pianist interprets 6 Variations on" Nel cor piu non mi sento "from Paisiello (1795), ornamental and decorative, with light draft, stylistic sensitivity and relevance." (Michel Le Naour, Le Monde de la Musique)

"Jean-Bernard HUPMANN offers us a very balanced Chopin recital. Ample and majestic, the Second Scherzo refuses the temptations of tinsel. Sober and inwardly animated, three waltzes are well away from any saloon spirit. The Second Sonata has its correct expression between passion and discipline. His attention to sound, his insurance (he knows where it goes), his integrity against the text makes it interesting interpretation. "(Olivier Bellamy, Le Monde de la Musique, January 2003 No. 272)

"This recital without being idiomatic turns and shows interressant insurance pianist in this directory. Let us admire the clarity of implementation, the security of the rhythmic foundation, an undeniable sense of architectural construction, a clear and flexible and a very moderate use of rubato. In short, this Chopin has the look if not a visionary (listen to the introduction of the Scherzo Opus 31), an elegance without affectation (the waltz) and is always an accuracy in the expression. In this regard, the Second Sonata attracted by the range of shades (central episode of the "Funeral March"), for its undeniable poetry while others have managed to translate the different physical and psychological torment babies to stay in Mallorca 1838-1839 "(Olivier Erouart, Pianiste No. 19, March-April 2003)

Critique of Nila Djadavjee of 20/02/2006: Click here to view

This unusual and attractive coupling arrives complete with a picture of the brook which inspired Beethoven's second movement! French pianist Jean-Bernard Hupmann is a newcomer to the UK catalogue, but his impressive credentials include being a laureate of the Gyorgy Cziffra Foundation, and he shows both feeling and virtuosity in dealing with the tremendous demands imposed by Liszt's superb transcriptions.

"Jean-Bernard HUPMANN is an accomplished musician. His piano technique coined the Conservatoire de Paris doubles as a musical that has worked wonders in his replies to the violinist (Pelassy F.) by the inner so graduate of interventions." (La Montagne, 18/08/91)

"Two musicians foil graphics class, with such virtuosity that the audience is left astounded" (Ouest-France, 03/10/90)

"Technical perfection of one or the other, remarkable cohesion of two artists who have added their best performances temperament and high lyricism and pure musicality ... "(La Montagne, 1991)

"Both artists have proposed a surprising duet between two instruments [...].Grand art of musical poetry" (La Voix du Nord, 03/02/99)

"The second part [...] has raised a huge ovation from an audience excited by the technical perfection of the two musicians.  Also, for their remarkable cohesion, by their sensitivity and intense depth. A pure musical gem, a pure moment of happiness "(Nord-Eclair, 18/11/99)

"A brilliant violinist and a pianist superb - put them together, add a mutual understanding and relationship perfect, and the result is pure magic ... There is no doubt that this recital by far surpasses all music events comparable, that is to say, violin-piano duo, given today in Jakarta. (Jakarta Post, 02/12/93)


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